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With a high level of technical demand and a highly prepared team committed to excellence, Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones has the strength of being a civil construction company with years of experience and hundreds of projects carried out.

The many projects we have worked on have allowed us to demonstrate our capacity and knowledge in the field of civil works. According to the needs of each client and taking into account the typology of the structure, we are able to adapt to the demands imposed, thus offering a successful construction.

More than a civil works company

With our experience we are able to fulfil the projects that only a world-class civil construction company can carry out.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a construction company on the Costa del Sol, our projects are reliable proof of all the goals that we have achieved throughout our history.

It is the commitment to our customers that has differentiated us over time in an industry as competitive as civil construction. Distinguishing ourselves by the high levels of service we have.

The philosophy we have on the professionalism and commitment to the projects in which we are involved, has helped us consolidate ourselves as an specialist civil works company on the Costa del Sol, Estepona and Marbella, made up of highly prepared professionals and high quality technical means.

The needs of our customers have always been and will continue to be our priority. That is why we have been able to adapt to a wide variety of construction projects.


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Closeness to the customer

The communication between us and customers must always be regarded as a fluid communication, where there is no room for misunderstandings or non-compliances.

It is our duty to always guide the work along the right path, but at the same time, steer it in the direction the client wants. Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones is committed to offering excellent execution in all types of civil works. We will always stay true to our values, quality, experience and professionalism. This has distinguished us for decades and will continue to do so for many more years.

We believe that these types of projects should be studied in detail and should be used in the development of cutting-edge construction techniques, efficient management models and finished with maximum care in their execution.

Constructora Obra Civil

Triple Balance

Constructora Obra Civil

Civil works projects are necessary for the progress and well-being of people, so in Civil Works, Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones is committed to the philosophy “Triple Bottom Line” where we seek to generate a positive social, economic and environmental impact. In all projects we try to strike a balance between economic efficiency and care for the environment, without forgetting the importance of timely delivery and the use and benefit to society.

Some of the civil works projects we have carried out are:

• Urbanizations.
• Foundations for roads and surfaces
• Ditches for services
• Paving and asphalt
• Pipes
• Facilities (sanitation, lighting, irrigation…)
• Vertical and horizontal signage
• Urban furniture
• Construction of public buildings

Our experience in civil works

Thanks to our long journey in civil works we can offer a great repertoire of characteristics to all our customers. These focus on guarantees such as quality, safety, planning, efficiency, as well as the timing of work and care for the environment in the construction process.

Each of these aspects are fundamental to ensure that a project reaches a successful conclusion, whilst bearing in mind environmental, economic and social utility criteria.

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If you have already decided to complete your project and you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible without any obligations.

Civil Works Builder | Muñoz Lanzas Construcción Costa del Sol
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Civil Works Builder | Muñoz Lanzas Construcción Costa del Sol
Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones has the strength of being a civil construction company with years of experience and hundreds of projects carried out.
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