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Specialists in Comprehensive Refurbishing

We do all kind of house refurbishment. We complete any comprehensive reform you need in Estepona, Marbella, Sotogrande, Manilva and the Costa del Sol.

We are ready for everything. MLZ does all kinds of comprehensive reforms. Our team of professionals specialises in all areas necessary for a comprehensive reform.

When it comes to comprehensive refurbishment, we know we must put all our abilities to work in an organised and constant way for the best aesthetic of a house. We specialise in comprehensive reforms and refurbishment of houses in Marbella and Estepona. Our work speaks for us.

All our experts have the necessary experience to carry out a perfect comprehensive refurbishment with a stylish and professional design.

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We put our greatest commitment in every comprehensive reform

Quality and Commitment in Comprehensive Refurbishment Works

When it comes to carrying out comprehensive refurbishment works, it is necessary to pour into it all of our capacity, work, effort, and commitment. These values are present in MLZ, and all of them are deposited into each one of our refurbishment projects.

Our know-how and the extensive trajectory supporting us has made it possible for us to be a reference company when it comes to home, housing, flats, and chalets reform work. We provide the expected results, using the highest level of quality in raw materials and equipment, at a very competitive price.

When carrying out comprehensive refurbishment works, we are aware that we must pour all our organizational capacity and constant work for the best implementation into a housing, villa, flat or house reform project. We are specialists in reform works and comprehensive housing refurbishment works in Marbella and Estepona.

All our experts have the necessary experience to carry out a perfect comprehensive refurbishment, with both an elegant and professional design. Our great number of finished projects endorses us. Contact us without any obligation and we will make a quote for you.

Planning each step of a Comprehensive Refurbishment Work

We know how important good planning is when it comes to a comprehensive refurbishment project. For this reason, we carry out a prior evaluation of the site to be renovated so that unforeseen events do not arise during the process.

The final result is just as important as the time and processes that were needed to achieve it. Actually, with a plan that manages to minimize the time and duration of the renovation work, you can reduce costs and still get a great finish and aesthetics at a good price.

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Comprehensive Housing Refurbishment

If you are looking for a company to carry out the comprehensive refurbishment of your home, we are the best option. We offer you a complete and personalized service, tailored to your home.


Comprehensive Flat Refurbishment

Is your flat in need of a comprehensive refurbishment work? Ask without any obligation for a personalized budget that includes everything necessary for an excellent result and aesthetics, at a fair and competitive price.


Comprehensive Villas Refurbishment

We are experts in comprehensive villas renovation works, and we have a professional team that will be attentive to every detail of the project so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


Comprehensive House Reforms

Do you want to completely renovate your house? We can help you out. At MLZ, we are specialists and have a great track record in renovation and refurbishment works. Ask for information without any obligation.

Maximum Guarantees For Your Project

MLZ channels all its efforts to ensure that your project suits your needs and meets your expectations.

The internal system implemented by Muñoz Lanzas at different stages of the production process controls, checks and ensures that the executed works meet the highest standards and quality criteria possible. We want to do more and better housing and are confident that the only way to achieve this is to meet the challenges posed by a competitive and dynamic sector such as ours.

reformas integrales

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