Refurbishment of Commercial Premises in Marbella

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We are a company specializing in refurbishment offices and commercial premises in Marbella. Also, thanks to our extensive network of workers, we carry out reform in shops throughout the Costa del Sol, especially Marbella and Estepona, but usually in Sotogrande, Manilva, Casares, Fuengirola, etc.

When carrying out a refurbishment in commercial premises from Lanzas Muñoz, we believe in the importance of conducting a preliminary study to ensure that the result will be as expected. Lighting, ventilation, colors, spaces or distribution of furniture design are some of the key factors we consider.

Thanks to the experience and validity of our specialists we can offer your commercial premises a radical change: Update to current trends in design and architecture, meet safety standards, provide personalized customer experience, increase your visibility, expand your customer base and ultimately improve your performance and profitability.

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Involvement and Experience for the Reform of your business in Marbella

Experts in Refurbishment for Commercial Properties in Marbella

Choice when hiring a company remodeling commercial premises in Marbella is very important. Your business to have a before and after following the remodeling depends on this, both positively and negatively. Many customers have placed their trust in our professionals in remodeling at MLZ Construcciones. We love to see how these clients have recommended us to others and have helped us grow into a larger, more established company. Make a winning bet and have Lanzas Muñoz as your Remodeling Company in Marbella.

The most important thing for us, and what sets us apart is the involvement and improvement we put on each remodeling, be it a business premise, office or company headquarters. All our work is aimed at achieving one goal: To make you 100% satisfied with the project.

How expensive is a business premise refurbishment in Marbella?


When calculating the price of a remodeling in a shop in Marbella, one must take into account different factors that will increase or decrease the budget.

In Muñoz Lanzas, we like clarity. Therefore, every time we prepare a quote, we analyze the prior local conditions with a visit to the facility. We listen to the tastes and needs of the client and bring our vision and advice as local remodeling enterprise in Marbella that has extensive experience in such projects.

Once we have all necessary data on reform, we developed a customized estimate based on what you are looking for. Once the budget is approved, our professional hands are put to work to run what initially was just an idea quickly and efficiently.

We will give you a very competitive quote, personalized without skimping on quality of services, materials and equipment. What are you waiting for? Request information and a quote without obligation.

  • What needs to be done? Complete remodeling, timely reform, partial reform, several renovations, etc.
  • Amount of materials: The quality and quantity is an important part of the final budget.
  • Size of the area: According the size of the remodeling space, the budget increases.
  • Systems and equipment: Systems to be installed, and contracted areas: plumbing, electrical, interior, etc.

Make a difference

Having a totally renovated area will make your business much more attractive and give it an edge in quality in a city like Marbella, where there is great competition in all business sectors.
So in MLZ we offer a service with:

  • At your service: We offer you a specialist who can answer your questions and suggestions during the remodeling project. Always available for you.
  • Team Work: We create synergies with other companies participating in the project with a common objective: that the remodeling is fully convincing and satisfying for the customer.
  • Project Administration: We control every phase of the project, making you a partaker thereof with a comprehensive monitoring of the implementation of the work.
  • Quality and Competitiveness: With experience, we have been optimizing resources and costs to offer prices that you cannot refuse. All this without losing the quality and good service.

Let yourself be advised by our experts in Refurbishments…

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If you have already decided to complete your project and you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible without any obligations.

Refurbishment of Commercial Premises Marbella | Muñoz Lanzas
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Refurbishment of Commercial Premises Marbella | Muñoz Lanzas
We are a company specializing in refurbishment offices and commercial premises in Marbella. We make your project a reality. Call Us Now!
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