Why hire a construction company?

If the aim is to carry out a renovation or construction project, the best option to obtain quality results is to hire a construction company. The company’s experience is a key point that you should investigate. This can also be verified by the projects carried out by the company.

At MLZ we want to let you know that our construction company has been a pioneer on the Costa del Sol since 1993. We take care of the construction of villas, houses and chalets. We want to guarantee the client our commitment, dedication and professionalism. These are the three maxims on which all our works and projects are built in order to offer you the best results.

Not for nothing, have we become a company of great prestige and reference in our sphere of influence (The Western Costa del Sol). We perform construction work in the main municipalities of the Costa, as well as taking on comprehensive reforms of commercial premises and housing. All this has enabled us to gain the trust of customers, and more and more people and companies contact us to take care of their construction projects.


As previously mentioned, when carrying out any renovation or construction project, it is best to contact a trusted construction company. At MLZ we want you to let us be part of your projects, as we are committed to carrying out any ideas that you have in mind for your home.

construction company

What sets us apart from other construction companies, and what really brings quality to our work, is our team of construction professionals. We pride ourselves on saying that we have the best team of professionals, trained and able to address any type of situation, always, of course, keeping close working relationships with our clients.

All this has allowed us to become a benchmark company within the world of construction, having successfully developed hundreds of projects. This has made us a construction company in much demand and as such we know that we are the ideal company for all your projects.


The answer to this question is very simple: we are a construction company based on excellence. Carrying out a renovation or construction project is not easy, and therefore you must have a professional team specialised in the field of construction.

With renovations or construction projects there is always some inconvenience. If you don’t hire a good construction company, the end result will be a sloppy job, and not worth the money and effort you’ve invested in it.

At Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones we guarantee professionalism, responsibility and good results. We love our work, and we like to be able to meet customer requirements. That’s why our priority will always be you and your construction project. In each of our construction projects we assure the client that we will follow the idea that they have in mind, as well as the initial budget established.

This is another of the great advantages of contacting a construction company to carry out your projects: prices will not inflate. Thanks to all our years of experience, we are able to listen to a construction project and set a fixed budget. In that budget we will include all possible expenditures; there will be no last-minute scares from the purchase of material that was not budgeted for at first. We’ll give you a quote and we’ll stick to it throughout the construction project.


In connection with this, there is the use of the materials. At Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones we advocate the use of quality materials, which are durable and can provide the best results. The use of quality materials is complemented by the most advanced technology to ensure an exquisite result without taking too long.

This is another of the great advantages of hiring a construction company: time. At MLZ Construction, as professionals in the field of construction, we are aware that what the client wants is for the project to succeed and in the shortest possible time. We work as hard as possible to make it a reality. As a prestigious construction company, we have different techniques and strategies in the team that allow us to finish the project in the shortest possible time.

Finally, something fundamental and about giving you total peace of mind, is the contract and the licenses. We know that on many occasions when a construction project begins there are those who want to go it alone, do not sign a contract and this means the price at the end of the project increases sharply, as does the projects duration. However, at Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones we want to speak clearly and in no half measures: we will propose a construction contract so that you can see in detail the agreements, the terms, the time it will take to complete the project and the budget. It will be to that contract that we will hold when carrying out the reform or construction: within the budget and the deadline.

Similarly, being a construction company, should it be necessary to request a license or building permit, obtaining it is much easier. Furthermore, we have years of experience, so there will be no inconvenience when it comes to requesting some bureaucratic procedure or paperwork. We will take care of all the paperwork should this be necessary, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Therefore, at MLZ Construccion we want to give you the peace of mind that we are the best construction company in Estepona, Marbella, Manilva and Sotogrande, with great reliability, close relationship with the client and obtaining impeccable results. Our prestige and renown are no coincidence, as we comply with all the points mentioned above. Quality, excellence and commitment are the three words that best describe this construction company.

construction company

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