Benefits of Renovating your Home

Benefits of Renovating your Home You still don’t know the benefits of renovating your home? We explain the advantages of making a large investment on your house. MLZ is a company [...]

Tips for Comprehensive Reforms

TIPS FOR COMPRENHENSIVE REFORMS We give you some Tips for Comprehensive Reforms so that you can successfully turn your home into the house of your dreams. An Comprehensive Reform is a golden [...]

What is Modular Construction?

WHAT IS MODULAR CONSTRUCTION? If you do not know what modular construction is, in the MLZ Construction blog we explain what it consists of and why it has become so popular. This type of [...]

Keys to Sustainable Construction

KEYS TO SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION Do you know the Keys to Sustainable Construction? At Muñoz Lanzas Construction we explain everything about this new trend. We’ve waited decades for climate [...]

New Trends in Housing Construction for 2022

NEW TRENDS IN HOUSING CONSTRUCTION FOR 2022 Right now, the new trends in housing construction for 2022 point towards sustainability and smart solutions. Want to find out more? Increasingly, [...]

How to Insulate a House from the Cold?

HOW TO INSULATE A HOUSE FROM THE COLD? Do you know how to Insulate a House from the Cold? Muñoz Lanzas Construction shows you the keys to building a house in which winter won’t be a problem. We [...]

What are Passivhaus Homes?

WHAT ARE PASSIVHAUS HOMES? Let MLZ Construcción explain what Passivhaus homes are. We build this type of housing with the aim of providing you with the most comfortable home possible. Passivhaus [...]

Smart Home Building

Smart Home Building Do you know what a Smart Home Building is? At MLZ we explain how it works and everything it entails. We carry out any project you can imagine. Although talking about [...]

Refurbish your home this summer

Refurbish your home this summer Summer is the perfect time to refurbish your home. Take advantage of the summer holidays when you have more free time and less workload to do that home [...]

Home airtightness

HOME AIRTIGHTNESS At MLZ Luxury Construction we make renovations or build your house completely airtight. Airtightness is one of the most important and talked about aspects of housing. Who [...]

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