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Specialists in building construction since 1993, at Muñoz Lanzas Construcción we make your project a reality with a professional service carried out within a dedicated period of time. Our professionals specialise in the construction of residential buildings, floors, concrete buildings and sustainable buildings.

As a construction company we set the bench mark for quality throughout Malaga and specifically on the Costa del Sol. We use the highest quality materials and the most innovative techniques in the construction of homes to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients. Our goal is to carry out your construction project from start to finish so that you are left with the home of your dreams.

Our building company has more than 30 years of experience carrying out projects of all kinds: villas and chalets, industrial buildings, semi-detached houses, large projects, urbanizations and luxury homes.

We have a team of young and innovative professionals, committed to their building work and meeting deadlines. Thanks to our technological capabilities and excellent customer service, we are today considered to be the benchmark construction and renovation company throughout the entire Costa del Sol.

Construcción Edificios
Construction Building

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Building Construction Projects

Villas y Chalets

At Muñoz Lanzas we deal with all types of construction of residential buildings and single-family homes. Our team of builders are specialized in the construction of luxury villas and chalets throughout the Costa del Sol. We work with the highest quality materials and the best machinery for the construction of our residential buildings, with the aim that the final results exceed the expectations of our customers. Providing the best service we possibly can is our highest commitment.

Big Works

We work in the construction of tall buildings, apartment blocks, housing complexes and other large buildings. We have more than two decades pursuing excellence in large scale projects and we choose our collaborators and subcontractors with care.

Residential Buildings and Houses

We are able to build the house of your dreams while offering you a guarantee of quality, safety, management and work execution. All of this without exceeding the deadline agreed with the client. We have already completed the construction of more than 1,000 homes during our journey in the real estate sector so we can be sure that we are the right team to carry out your next project, whether it is a beachside apartment or an exposed brick building.

Public Works

We also carry out construction projects for public buildings (whether educational, sanitary, offices or for any other purposes) as well as urban infrastructures and other public spaces for the use and enjoyment of residents and tourists.

We look forward to hearing more about your project!

Our Construction Process

We know that excellent organization and detailed project scheduling is essential in order to complete projects on time and to the satisfaction of the client. At Muñoz Lanzas we work through the following steps in the construction of real estate to ensure success in each project.

Preparation Phase

In this phase we review all the material and documentation (plans, contract, general cost calculation, etc.) to make sure it is completed and approved. We also carry out a perimeter closure and booth installation.

Foundation Construction

Now we really get down to work. We examine, clean and excavate the land so that it can ready to begin concrete construction. Once this is done, we install the bases and pour the foundations. The solid foundation of the work is established, including the formwork and the construction of basements/cellars. This phase is especially dependant on the weather.

Basic structure

This includes the construction of the skeleton of the building, including the main pillars of the house, the exterior walls and the interior partitions and the roof. Later it is completed with the installation of cladding, doors and windows. Ensuring good coordination and planning between these tasks is essential in order to achieve optimum levels of solidity, stability and safety.

Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical

This is a crucial phase in the construction process, here we install the piping, air conditioning system, electrical wiring, water heaters, etc.


Before finishing the construction work, we review all the details to ensure a flawless finish to the project. We install and test all electrical and mechanical equipment. We install ceilings, doors, baseboards, window frames, floor coverings, tiles, appliances, lights, faucets, showers, and mirrors. We paint all the walls. We double check everything, and…… voila!

Building Construction Company Muñoz Lanzas

Do you have a construction project in mind? At Muñoz Lanzas Construcciones we help you turn your dreams into reality with the highest quality materials and reasonable prices. We have 30 years of experience working in the real estate sector and we have the best professionals in construction, renovation and repair of residential buildings, including: engineers, technical architects, bricklayers and construction managers.

Our working philosophy in building construction is based on quality, sustainability and, above all, compliance with the commitments agreed with the client. Our success at Muñoz Lanzas is thanks to teamwork, attention to detail and a daily effort to provide the highest quality work.

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Constructora Edificios

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