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It’s sure that for some time you have been contemplating and planning a comprehensive refurbishment of your home or business in Benahavís. We understand that it’s not an easy decision, and we value your willpower when it comes to taking action to decide to make a change that, without room for doubt, and the right refurbishment company, could be one of the most satisfying decisions you’re going to make.

As such, eager to see your face covered with the smile of a job done spectacularly, we would like to have the honour of presenting that incredible moment that we are so passionate about and that motivates us every day. With our company MLZ Construccion, with expertise in complete refurbishment and a team of select and trained professionals, we make your renovation dream become a reality. Don’t hesitate for even a moment, and contact us without any commitment to get all the information regarding the renovation that you want to come to fruition.

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Benahavis Comprehensive Renovations

If you want to change your home or local business because you’re sick and tired of the indifference that you feel every time you enter it, without spending an extravagant sum; but at the same time, you want to stay in the same place owing to its great location; let us help you with a comprehensive renovation that will completely change the functionality and aesthetics of the place.

It is for this reason at Benahavis we want to take charge of this tremendous labour, that drives us and fills us with satisfaction. Moreover, in addition to having everything necessary to make your project a reality, we are sufficiently prepared to get your home finished in record time so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

Seriousness is our motto, punctuality is our shield, and excellence is our gift; as such we want you to witness the incredible results that you are going to achieve thanks, in part, to our DNA full of experience and wisdom, that distinguishes us from any other renovation company in the area. We invite you to look at one of the previous renovations and construction projects that we have completed in the last decade.

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Refurbishment Housing Marbella


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Benahavis Refurbishment Company

Our originality is not only a written promise, but a fact that is reflected in every project we carry out; well, as the experts rightly say, “results speak for themselves”. As such, for us, every assignment is a goal to achieve, a fantastic way to create something unique, personalized and, above all, profoundly touching to our clients.

We are a construction company with over 25 years of experience bringing vibrancy to lives, and giving everything to witness the daily the birth of a new dream, idea and felicity.

For this reason, we only work with first class materials, with the notion that your dreams and joy diminished under no circumstance, and live as long as possible. We also take the opportunity to make you aware that at Benahavis we carry out all kinds of renovation: single family houses, premises, communities, apartments, flats….

Experts in Comprehensive Refurbishments in Benahavis

The best flat renovations in Benahavis

One of the renovations that clients request the most are flat renovations. The satisfaction of our clients from our team breaking their back over each flat renovation as if it were our own has managed to position us ahead of our competitors and adding, as a result, more achievements to our list of successes.

Do not let fear or conformism diminish your wishes to improve yourself and progress. For this reason, at Muñoz Lanzas Construccion, we want to participate in this new adventure in which you are the protagonist.

Our goal will always remain the same. To make you feel proud to have counted on us.

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