At MLZ Luxury Construction we make renovations or build your house completely airtight. Airtightness is one of the most important and talked about aspects of housing. Who doesn’t care if the windows don’t close properly and you can hear the noise of the street? Today we’ll tell you all about airtightness and its importance, as well as its benefits. Read on below!


First, before we delve into the subject, we must be clear about what the concept is. Airtightness is a necessary condition for energy saving, it is the ability that it possesses in order that its enclosures are not crossed by air. When air enters a house from the outside, this air current is called infiltration; while, when the current is from the inside outwards, it is called exfiltration.

Therefore, an airtight home is one in which there are no air leaks.


Broadly speaking, we can divide the benefits of airtightness into three groups: healthiness, comfort and energy efficiency. 

  1. Avoid air currents. With an airtight house we can avoid the cold air currents that occur when the windows do not insulate properly. 
  2. Acoustic protection. If our house has windows that are not hermetically sealed we will notice the sound and noise of the street much more, which can be very annoying if the house is in a very busy area.
  3. Avoid condensation. Condensation can occur in areas where air enters and exits, which, if occurs for a long time, can lead to problems such as mould.
  4. Save energy. During winter and cold months, air currents cause rooms to cool, as outdoor air is constantly entering and heating systems must then heat that cold air. In a typical home, heat loss from infiltrations are estimated to amount to approximately 20%.
  5. Avoid odours. If we live in a community, it is really easy to detect whether the house is airtight or not, because if the smells from our neighbours’ kitchen enter our house, obviously the windows are not closed properly. Unfortunately, this problem is more common than we think.
  6. Improve air quality. It is one of the most important benefits related to the airtightness of housing. Whilst it is true that ventilation is necessary in all homes, when we have an airtight home, we can control the air that comes in and goes out, the flow and the place thanks to Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems (CMVs). Thus, we get clean and fresh air whilst saving on heating. 
  7. Radon Gas Protection. This type of gas is a radioactive element of Uranium, the highest concentration of which occurs in the subsoil and, from there, rises to the surface. Radon can penetrate a construction in multiple ways: cracks in floors, sinks, spaces around pipes, joints, etc. Therefore, an airtight house also serves as an element of protection against this gas that cannot enter in any way. In addition, the law also requires compliance with certain protective measures, as indicated in the document “Protection against Radon exposure” of the Technical Building Code 2019. 

Now you know about the importance of airtightness in homes and its multiple benefits, it only remains to carry out the necessary renovations and adaptations to make your home airtight, at MLZ we help you make it possible. Contact us for the best tips and recommendations based on your needs and the conditions of your home. We will make your home airtight, and thanks to all its advantages you will notice the difference.

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