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Today there are more and more people entering the world of renovations. If you have been thinking for a while that your house could use a refurbishment to make it more functional and give it your personal touch, at MLZ Construction we have the solution and the renovation ideal for you.

If you are determined to do a renovation, or if you have queries and would be interested to know a little more about this topic, in this article we will give you all the information you need to help you calculate the cost of your refurbishment. We at MLZ Construction carry out reforms in Marbella, Estepona, Casares, Manilva, Benahavís and Sotogrande, so if you live in one of these locations and would like to know more, please continue reading.

When we talk about renovations, the first thing to recognise is that providing a quote and an exact figure, without knowing exactly the type of renovation, is very complicated, because there are always factors and variables that cause the budget to change. However, we can give you a rough figure and tell you what kind of factors have the most impact on a renovation budget.

What do you want to do the renovation for and what finishes are you looking for?

Whenever we want to carry out a renovation it is essential to have well defined in our minds what this renovation is meant for; that is, for what purpose do we want to reform our house. This will help us determine the budget or which range of values we wish to incorporate. Examples of this include:

  • A complete renovation making use of cheaper finishes, which look good, but that fit a tighter, less broad budget. An example of such reforms could be carried out on a house that is intended to be rented out, because we want it to look good for the tenants, but without spending a lot of money, since we will not live in the property.
  • A renovation with mid-range finishes, such as the one that would be carried out in a private house in which you will live. The budget for this reform would be a little higher than in the previous example, but without being excessively expensive.
  • A complete renovation with high-end finishes. Obviously, since the finishes are of higher quality, the budget would rise to a greater extent.

Particular circumstances of the property

Another factor to take into account as a possible variable to the budget are the circumstances of each property; that is, access to the property is a factor that will affect the renovation’s budget. The different aspects to consider are:

  • Whether the house has an elevator or only has stairs as a means of access. This influences the budget, since when making the trips it is much more expensive by stairs than making use of the elevator, and if you do have an elevator you have to protect it well so that it is not damaged.
  • The appearance of the house from the starting point. A complete renovation will not have the same price if it is more superficial than if you have to get fully involved and take down walls or partitions, reinforce them…
  • The area of the city in which the house is located and the accessibility to it. The budget will be different for a home in the outskirts of the city to one located in the historic centre.

What is the budget for a complete renovation?

The budget for a comprehensive renovation is broken down into the different items, depending on the price of each item. These items are:

• Demolitions:

Demolish partitions, disused or very old electrical installations and plumbing, remove floors, doors, windows, furniture… For this type of task, a debris container (skip) is usually rented to throw all these objects into that need to be disposed of, as well as landfill fees.

• Plumbing:

Plumbing is part of one of the key items for excellence, since it is part of the sanitary system relating to water and drainage, as well as heating.

• Carpentry:

The carpentry service encompasses the doors, windows and fitted wardrobes. Although it may seem simple, the truth is that it hides a multitude of different possibilities and details. The final price of the carpentry aspect will vary depending on the finishes and the number of windows, doors and cabinets in the house.

• Electricity and lighting:

It is always recommended when a comprehensive renovation is carried out, to also renew the entire electrical system, even if it is not in bad condition nor is very old. Within this section you will find the telephone, TV socket, plugs, and light points.

• Masonry:

Tends to be the starting point that makes the budget rise the most because it includes the building of walls or partitions, and besides that this is already somewhat expensive in itself, it can further increase in price depending on the type of materials chosen for the finishes.

• Painting:

Apart from the workmanship and the colour of the paint, or whether you want to wallpaper the room or combine both techniques, it is also influenced by the fact of whether you want to remove any damp from the walls if they are affected by it, or if painting the new walls and more than one coat of paint is needed.

• Flooring:

The price of the budget will vary depending on which finish you want: porcelain, laminate, ceramics… and the amount of square metres to cover.

• False ceilings:

Depends on the type of false ceiling you wish to install: with moldings, lighting from the sides…, as well as the material you wish to use for these false ceilings and the square metreage that needs to be covered.

• Bathrooms and kitchens:

Without doubt, the rooms of the house on which most of the budget goes, because they are where you have to choose more finishes and materials of different qualities: types of countertops, bathtubs, tiles, taps… The materials, quality and size of the rooms will greatly influence the price.

Answers to your renovation in Mlz Construction

If you are thinking of carrying out a renovation in your home do not hesitate to contact us. From Muñoz Lanzas Construction we will be happy to know a little more about your project to advise you and give you a much more accurate quote.

Our team of professionals will guide and advise you throughout the renovation process and will ensure that the result meets your needs and far exceeds your expectations.

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