Construction and energy efficiency

At MLZ, we know that environmental sustainability is a very important aspect that has  in recent years gained prominency in the field of construction. Looking after the environment also means saving energy. Energy-efficient building construction involves the construction of buildings that allow energy to be saved during residential use.

At our construction company we are specialists in constructing energy-efficient housing; we adapt to new technologies and we are in a constant process of innovation in order to offer our customers the latest developments, which mean increased savings for them, thanks to their energy-efficient home.

We follow current regulations to the letter. These set out the requirements for the construction of energy-efficient villas to comply with the zero consumption criteria. However, the required level of energy efficiency in housing is not always achieved because some companies are not aware of all aspects that must be taken into account. On the contrary, at MLZ we guarantee that your house will comply correctly with energy performance requirements.

Requirements to build energy-efficient homes

Energy efficiency in housing construction involves implementing protocols and a style of building which help us to save energy and avoid the loss of energy from buildings. For this reason, when constructing energy-efficient homes it is necessary to consider  the following aspects:

Use of specific materials

The specific materials used and the style of building both play a very important role in energy efficiency in housing. In fact, the use of insulating materials, soundproofing and environmental insulation systems can help homes adapt to the outside climate, avoiding the need for air conditioning. 

The orientation of the building also plays an important role in the energy efficiency of houses


Lighting plays an important role in energy efficiency in houses, because houses should let in as much natural light as possible. Therefore, it’s important to install energy-efficient lighting systems, as well as large windows that can let in light.

An important aspect that should also be taken into account is the installation of fire detection systems, and sensors for switching lights on and off. In this way, we can save significant amounts of energy. 

Proper ventilation 

Ventilation is another important aspect to consider when it comes to finding the right balance between construction and energy efficiency. It’s all about properly controlling the airflow inside the house, so a double-flow system will always be better than other options. 

Energy-efficient electrical appliances 

Using appliances that have an energy efficiency rating of A is another factor that will help to make the home energy-efficient. In fact, building companies should take this aspect into account when choosing appliances. 

LED bulbs

The installation of LED bulbs or low-consumption bulbs is another factor that must be taken into account when constructing a new building. This kind of consideration, together with the way the building is constructed, will have an important impact. 

The combination of construction and energy efficiency is possible if we take these aspects into consideration, as well as various others which will help buildings and houses to be efficient and allow energy savings and minimise environmental impact.

MLZ energy efficiency

At MLZ Construcciones, we want to give you the peace of mind of knowing that we are the best construction company for your renovation projects, offering reliability, a close relationship with the client and impeccable results. We take care to maintain our  standards of quality, commitment and excellence to offer you the best service.

Contact us for any questions or clarification. Building energy-efficient homes is one of our specialties, we will help you to enjoy greater savings as well as every comfort and convenience. We will design the home of your dreams and make it a reality, our top priority is for you to enjoy your home and make the most of it.




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