Why building refurbishment is important

MLZ the best option to refurbish buildings

Buildings in Marbella and the Costa del Sol experience visual and structural deterioration over the years due to the effects of atmospheric agents (humidity, wind, rain, etc.) and the daily use of the people who live inside them. All buildings are obliged to undergo a series of inspections to confirm that they are in good condition, and if these are unfavourable, the problem must be corrected in order to avoid the slightest hazard.

At MLZ Construcciones we are aware of how important it is for the safety of the people who live in the building and passers-by to have a building that complies with all the safety measures. For this reason, we are in charge of carrying out the entire building renovation service, with a team of professionals in the correction of problems, tuning and optimisation of buildings.

We offer a comprehensive service adapted to the demand requested, reforming all types of homes, buildings and communities. We take care of everything from the foundations and improvement of damaged structural elements to reinforcing the structure, as well as the repairing and installation of electrical, air conditioning and plumbing systems, waterproofing and interior and exterior wiring (paint, tiles, flooring, wood, etc.).

Choose to refurbish your building with us, we will handle the entire process efficiently and quickly whilst always meeting completion deadlines and committing ourselves to offering the best service. Why the safety and comfort of the inhabitants inside the building is what matters most to us.

Why is it necessary to refurbish buildings?

The operational life of a building is limited by the materials with which it was constructed, but, if the proper renovation and maintenance of the building is carried out, both its stability and durability can be extended, even before signs of deterioration or ageing are visible.

Current legislation states that “The owners of land, structures and buildings have the duty to maintain them in safe, healthy, public and decent conditions, by carrying out the necessary conservation and rehabilitation works“. Therefore, maintaining the safety of the people living inside is a legal matter and if this obligation is not met, the town hall can impose sanctions and take measures against the owners of the property, or even expropriate the building.

Another important aspect to consider as to why renovation is necessary is the lack of land in city centres, which have different building protection laws and which have maximised the resources allocated to reconstruction rather than demolition. It is much easier to renovate than to demolish and build an establishment from scratch.

Types of buildings rehabilitation

Buildings are large structures that have different sections and parts, so depending on what you want to change, you can renovate a building for different reasons:

  • Structural elements

    Form the structure and foundations of the building, it is of vital importance in order not to compromise the safety conditions and to guarantee the stability and correct mechanical resistance of the building. Most of the tasks are related to the reinforcement of the foundation or processing and improvement of pillars or slabs of the building.

  • Roofs

    The roof of a building is exposed to many external agents and is a very sensitive element. Incorrect waterproofing of roofs causes moisture problems, generating problems with the thermal insulation of the building. The tasks can be carried out on the inside or outside depending on the characteristics of the building itself.

  • Improvement of accessibility 

    Related to increasing the comfort and entrances to the building, such as the installation of lifts or the necessary actions to avoid the existence of architectural barriers that prevent or hinder the inhabitants of the buildings.

  • Energy efficiency

    Consists of benefiting the environment by making the building more sustainable, it also helps tenants to economise, as aspects that they use on a daily basis are optimised and these changes can be: changing windows, wall insulation, ceiling and floor insulation, installation of renewable energies and pipe insulation.

  • Façades

    The renovations can also be purely to improve the external aesthetics of the building, but it is also important to avoid possible damage to passers-by. One task that is highly recommended is to insulate the walls in order to improve the thermal insulation of the house.

At MLZ construcciones we carry out all aspects related to the renovation of the building, by offering a complete service that is fully adapted to the needs of the client.

Benefits of renovating a buildings

Depending on the type of renovation that is done, some benefits or others will be achieved, however, in general these are the most important ones:

  • Improving the safety of the structure in terms of stability and mechanical resistance.
  • Repairing and improving thermal and acoustic insulation and controlling water and humidity.
  • Renewing electricity, water or gas supply installations.
  • Adapting sanitation systems.
  • Achieving better energy efficiency conditions.
  • Installing or updating telecommunications services.
  • Removing architectural barriers and improving accessibility.
  • Installing or renovating elevator systems that comply with current safety measures.
  • Upgrading common areas.
  • Restoring spaces to achieve adequate dimensions and better functional conditions for the occupancy of the building.
  • Improving lighting and ventilation.

We are committed to carrying out the refurbishment of your home, we like doing a good job and to make this possible we have a team of people who strive for perfection in every project we carry out, they are specialists in their field and have a defined role. In this way, we create a perfect team synergy to renovate buildings and façades with the highest level of quality.



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