Do you know the Keys to Sustainable Construction? At Muñoz Lanzas Construction we explain everything about this new trend.

We’ve waited decades for climate change and sustainability to finally be taken really seriously. Due to the effects of climate change, society has decided to do everything possible to combat it. Sustainable construction is a form of construction that aims to reduce negative impacts on the environment caused by the construction process, or by buildings, or by the built up environment.

Key concepts include: the protection of the natural environment, the choice of non-toxic materials, the reduction and reuse of resources, and minimising waste.


  1. Choice of location: The location where it is to be carried out should avoid areas of high air and noise pollution, power lines and areas whose subsoil has geological faults. In the same way, the house should be surrounded by large areas of vegetation, to reduce air pollution and contribute to thermal and climatic comfort.
  2. Construction Orientation: Serves for better thermal and environmental comfort, and reduces energy costs. Thus, if it is going to be built in a sunny area, the house should be facing south.
  3. Energy and water efficiency: A sustainable construction improves the use of resources such as water and the energy it consumes to reduce its environmental impact. It even takes advantage of rainwater.
  4. Generation of renewable energies: Systems that use renewable energies, such as solar or wind energy, are installed.
  5. Maximum use of sunlight: Windows and skylights that reduce the use of electric light to a minimum.
  6. Use of recyclable and reusable materials: And reduce the generation of waste that pollutes the building’s environment.
  7. Reduction of thermal energy loss: These systems consume about 40% of the energy produced in the country. Hence the importance of providing good thermal insulation to a sustainable building.
  8. Application of new construction techniques: An example is modular or industrialised construction, which reduces environmental impact while shortening manufacturing times.

At MLZ we are committed to Sustainable Architecture

The fundamentals to sustainable construction are becoming increasingly important; as they are also driven by national and European policies regarding sustainable building.

At MLZ Construction we have been applying the aforementioned sustainability principles in the construction of our buildings for years. Our projects have been characterised by being successful sustainable projects; always at the forefront and with the highest standards of quality and design. Therefore, if you are looking for a Construction Company Costa del Sol that meets these requirements, MLZ Construction is your answer.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can see some of our sustainable projects such as Villa Brisas  or Villa Fortuna.

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