If you do not know what modular construction is, in the MLZ Construction blog we explain what it consists of and why it has become so popular.

This type of construction follows a method in which parts of the structure of a building, such as the façade, in which modules made of prefabricated materials are assembled. Exterior walls and interior fittings are no longer produced on site, they are only assembled there.

The advantages of the method are: a shorter construction time; the most cost-effective production of building components; and, although rarely implemented, the facilitation of dismantling at the end of the period of use with the subsequent recycling of materials.

What is It?

Generally speaking, modular construction involves producing standardised components of a structure in the factory; they are transported where they are needed; and finally they are assembled on site.

Terms such as “off-site construction”, “prefabrication” and “modular construction” are used interchangeably.

Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction has been experiencing a great boom thanks to its benefits in terms of programming, waste, cost and quality. Building elements can be constructed much more quickly under controlled conditions; if necessary, the process can continue 24/7 and involve finished products that continuously leave the factory.

The process is not governed by some external factors present in traditional constructions such as: adverse weather, the impossible logistics of a site, the shortage of construction operators, etc. The factory process involves people specialised in a specific area, which provides better product quality. Also, the speed of the program leads to an earlier completion of the project.

Waste can be reduced by up to 50% with all the economic and environmental benefits that come with it.


Think of modular as a construction method rather than a single product type:

  • Modular construction is the process in which a building (flats, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals and even houses that are now beginning to be built with shipping containers) is built off-line;
  • under controlled conditions;
  • using the same materials;
  • and designed according to the needs of the client;
  • with the same quality standards as conventionally built facilities, but in about half the time.

This construction is versatile and of quality, offering countless design options and features that can be built to order in a fraction of the time required for traditional construction. Before embarking on your next project, consider whether modular construction could meet your building requirements. You may be able to save significantly in both time and money, without sacrificing the quality and assurance  offered by traditional construction methods.

Now that you know what modular construction is, contact construction Marbella now to make your project a reality.



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