Benefits of Renovating your Home

You still don’t know the benefits of renovating your home? We explain the advantages of making a large investment on your house.

MLZ is a company specialised in the construction and refurbishment of houses, and in the renovation of old and rustic houses. We take care of everything, so you don’t need to go to other companies.

With MLZ Constructions you will be able to have a house with modern comforts that is habitable all year round.


If the answer is yes, trust in the experience and professionalism of MLZ Constructions. We are well-known for achieving the best results in integral reforms.  Likewise, by opting for a renovation you will obtain advantages that the purchase of a new house does not offer.


The renovation of an old house is not just a simple facelift, it is also necessary to condition its structure and interior systems.  This generates great benefits that are important to highlight:

Improving the design

Creating more diaphanous spaces and with more clarity. It makes it possible to increase the functionality of the house.

Installing new Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

It will enable you to enjoy a pleasant temperature all year round. Thermal insulation and home airtightness is also key.

Renovate the electrical installations

If they are not in perfect condition, they can be a danger to the inhabitants of the house.

Improve Construction and Energy Efficiency

The house will become much more comfortable and efficient; therefore, energy costs will be significantly reduced.

  • Renewable energies can reduce CO2 emissions.
  • It is important to take advantage of natural light to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Insulation is key to ensure that the temperature of the house is stable throughout the year.

Improving accessibility

A renovation project will improve access to the house or building so you can easily move around inside.

Restoring historical value

Renovation means revaluing and extending the useful lifespan of buildings. You will be recovering the historical value of the house. At the same time, the modern architectural elements combined with the more classical elements of these buildings, creates a visually attractive result and a very comfortable home.

Tax benefits

Benefits such as VAT or IRPF reductions are offered: for the contribution to energy efficiency; and for other economic, social and heritage factors involved in the renovation of buildings.

Increased quality of life

There are many reasons to refurbish a home: for aesthetics, to improve its functionality, to repair breakdowns… Whatever the reason, you will always get great benefits that will greatly improve your quality of life.

Renovation is an investment in comfort of the users of the home. Thanks to the improvements that are carried out, the habitability conditions of the building are positively affected, providing a better quality of life for the building’s inhabitants.

If you want to start your housing renovation project, contact and we will provide you with all the information you need at MLZ Construcciones.

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